Burning Brush and Breakfast Tacos

July 17, 2012 by Paris and John  
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Today we had a rare, rare treat for July: we were able to burn brush. July is typical drier than dry here so brush burning usually has to wait until late fall or winter. Because of days of rain, though, the almost always present summer burn ban was lifted and it was safe for us to burn brush. We’ve got a LOT of brush to get through after last year’s catastrophic drought but at least this allowed us to clear out some of the brush we’d piled up from trimming back dead growth around the house.

It may be damp outside but it’s still hot, even in the early morning hours when we started the brush fire…

John had the hottest job, continuing to shovel and rake brush into the fire…

It’s hot, tiring, dirty work.

I, on the other hand, had the easy job: notify the few neighbors in our area and make some breakfast tacos.

If you don’t live in Texas, you might think breakfast tacos are a little unusual but, once you try them, you’ll be hooked. They’re super easy to make and perfect “on the go” breakfast food for days like today. Like regular tacos, you can get as fancy as you like but I keep mine simple and easy. I scrambled eggs and cooked some bacon. I also microwaved some flour tortillas. (They taste better if they’re cooked in a hot skillet or on the grill, just until slightly browned, but I was in a hurry.)

Once that’s all done, it’s just a matter of assembling the taco. You can add refried beans and salsa, which I would if I were ordering at a restaurant, but for today, I just put eggs, bacon, and cheese inside the tortilla and folded it up in foil. I loaded up an insulated lunch cooler, grabbed some drinks and the dogs, and I was then on my way down to the burn site.

Nothing tastes better than a breakfast taco enjoyed outside by an early morning brush fire!

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